Professor Igor Vasyl Nikolayenko

Professor Nikolayenko is an authority on solution thermodynamics of ligands and metal complexes. He holds MSc degree from Kiev State University and PhD degree from Institute of Material Science. He taught Physical Chemistry in five universities in four countries for the last 37 years.

He has been in Pietermaritzburg since 1998, where he built a laboratory fully equipped for the equilibrium studies in solution, the only one of its kind in SA. His techniques of choice are potentiometric, spectroscopic, nmr, and calorimetric titrations, as well as quantum-mechanical modelling.
Quote:   "Chemistry is a rare pass-time; it has kept me entertained for more than forty years and the fascination is still there."
  Associate Professor
  PhD - Institute of Material Science
MSc - Kiev State University
BSc (Honours)
Discipline:   Physical Chemistry
Campus:   Pietermaritzburg
  033 260 5658
Recent Publications:   I.V. Nikolayenko, R.D. Hancock, and G.C. Littmann. Thermodynamics of protonation and metallation of the TPTZ ligand with a variety of cations, Acta of the International Symposia on Metal Complexes, ISMEC Group Series, Volume: 2, Year: 2012, Symposium Edition: XXIII, ISSN: 2239-2459,110-111.

R.D. Hancock, I.V. Nikolayenko. Do nonbonded H--H Interactions in phenanthrene stabilize it relative to anthracene? A possible resolution to this question and its implications for ligands such as 2,2′-bipyridyl, J. Phys. Chem. A, 2012, 116 (33), 8572–8583.

I.V. Nikolayenko, T.J. Theron. Copper(II) complexes of the oxime-and-amide ligands: The influence of peripheral hydroxyl group on coordination, Acta of the International Symposia on Metal Complexes, ISMEC Group Series, Volume: 1, Year: 2011, Symposium Edition: XXII, ISSN: 2239-2459,50-51.

M.A. Turchanin, P.V. Agraval, and I.V. Nikolaenko. Thermodynamics of Alloys and Phase Equilibria in the Copper-Iron System, J. Phase Equilibria, 2003, 24, (4), 307-319.

I.V. Nikolaenko. Some regularities in the thermochemistry of alloying rare earths with late 3d-transition metals, J. Alloys and Compounds, 1995, 225, 1-2, 474-479.


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