Mzamo Shozi

Dr Shozi completed his BSc (Applied Chemistry) in 2006 from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and went on to do a BSc Honours in Chemistry in 2007. In 2008 he started his postgraduate studies under the supervision of Prof Friedrich where his research focused on the heterogenisation of ethylene tetramerisation catalysts. He completed my PhD in 2014 which focused on the conversion of glycerol into value added products.

In July 2012, Dr Shozi was appointed as a Developmental lecturer in the School of Chemistry and Physics and prior to that, was involved in the tutoring of first year Augment students. He is currently involved in the supervision of 2 Honours students and has started a collaboration with Prof van Steen from UCT Chemical engineering and Dr Malgas-Enus from Stellenbosch University.

His  research interests are: organometallic chemistry, homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis.
MSc - University of KwaZulu-Natal
BSc (Honours)
Discipline:   Chemistry
Campus:   Westville
  031 260 3105
Research Areas:   Organometallic chemistry, homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis
Recent Publications:   H. Niemantsverdriet, P. van Helden, E. Hensen, D. Lennon, K. Holt, G. Hutchings, M. Bowker, R. Catlow, M. Shozi, L. Jewell, M. Claeys, et al. “Catalysis for Fuels: general discussion”, Faraday Discuss., 2017, 197, 165–205.

K. Holt, L. Jewell, H. Niemantsverdriet, L. Macheli, M. Shozi, G. Hutchings, Tim Wezendonk, Michael Bowker, Richard Catlow, et al. “Designing new catalysts for synthetic fuels: general discussion”, Faraday Discuss., 2017, 197, 353–388.

M.L. Shozi, V.D.B.C. Dasireddy, S. Singh, P. Mohlala, S. Iqbal, D.J. Morgan and H.B. Friedrich, “An investigation of Cu-Re-ZnO catalysts for the hydrogenolysis of glycerol under continuous flow conditions”, Sustainable Energy Fuels, 2017, 1, 1437–1445.

N. Fischer, S.A. Kondrat, M. Shozi, “Faraday Discussions meeting Catalysis for Fuels”, Chem. Commun., 2017, 53, 4880–4887.

S. Iqbal, M.L. Shozi and D.J. Morgan, “X-ray Induced Reduction of Rhenium Salts and Supported Oxide Catalysts”, Surf. Interface Anal., 2017, 49, 223‒226.

M.L. Shozi, V.D.B.C. Dasireddy, S. Singh, P. Mohlala, D.J. Morgan and H.B. Friedrich, “Hydrogenolysis of glycerol to mono-alcohols over supported Mo and W catalysts”, ACS Sustain. Chem. Eng., 2016, 4, 5752−5760.

M.L. Shozi and H.B. Friedrich, “Heterogenization of Some PNP Ligands for the Oligomerization of Ethylene”, S. Afr. J. Chem., 2012, 65, 214–222.


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