Professor Sivakumar Venkataraman

Dr Venkataraman's research focuses on atmospheric studies by using different insitu and satellite data-sets and is actively involved in various levels of teaching at the university.

He has published about 90 research articles and 4 book chapters, being a first author of more than 12 journal and 16 conference proceedings (average 8 publication/per year).

His research work includes (1) studies on middle atmospheric thermal structure and wave dynamics; (2) mesospheric temperature inversion; (3) studies on gravity waves, planetary waves, equatorial waves and etc., (4) stratospheric warming and planetary waves, (5) Aerosols and clouds, (6) general characteristics of the tropopause and its relation to the ozone concentration and the stratosphere-troposphere exchange, (7) remote sensing techniques and (8) various kinds of pollution measurements.

He is sat on the panel for various events: several NRF programmes, CSIR-NLC-Science and Education and Technology (SET) panel and the Technical committee member of CSIR Bi-annual conference (2008). He's been: the Vice-President and Council Member of South Africa Society for Atmosphere Science (SASAS) in 2007, on the Steering Committee member of South Africa – Space research (2010 - 2015), Session convener – ‘Remote Sensing of the atmosphere’ in Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS) (2008 - 2010) and different international/national Journal reviewer and Editor of the peer reviewed conference proceeding of SASAS (2010 - 2013).
Quote:   "Believe in yourself."
  Associate Professor
  PhD (Physics) - Sri Venkateswara University
Discipline:   Chemistry
Campus   Westville
  031 260 7661
Recent Publications:   A case study of energy deposition and absorption by magnetic cloud electrons and protons over the high latitude stations effects on mesosphere and lower thermosphere
Olakunle Ogunjobi, V. Sivakumar and N. Mbatha
J. Terr. Atmos and Oceanic Sciences, 25, 2, 219-232, 2014.

Identification and classification of different aerosol types over a subtropical rural site in Mpumalanga, South Africa: Seasonal variations as retrieved from AERONET Sunphotometer
K. Raghavendra Kumar, V. Sivakumar, R.R. Reddy, K.R. Gopal and J. Adesina
Aerosol and Air Quality Research, 14, 108-123, 2014.

Evaluation of regional climatic model simulated aerosol optical properties over South Africa using ground-based and satellite observations
M. Tesfaye, J. Botai, V. Sivakumar, G. Mengistu Tsidu
ISRN Atmospheric Sciences,, 2013.

Sunburn risk among children and outdoor workers in South Africa and Reunion Island Coastal sites
C.Y. Wright, C. Brogniez, K. P. Ncongwane, V. Sivakumar, G. Coeztee, J. M. Metzger, F. Auriol, C. Deroo and B. Sauvage
Photochem. and Photobiology, 89: 1226-1233, 2013.

Extracting gravity wave parameters during the September 2002 Southern Hemisphere major sudden stratospheric warming using a SANAE imaging Riometer 
Mbatha N M, Sivakumar V, Bencherif H and Malinga S B
Annales Geophysicae, 31, 1709-1719, 2013.



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