Sivakumar Venkataraman

Prof. Sivakumar Venkataraman Professor 031 260 7661 PhD Physics Westville Campus Full Professor in Physics (Specialized in Atmospheric and Space Science), Chair of National AstroPhysics and Space Science Programme (NASSP) – South Africa, Programme Director of NASSP – UKZN, Executive Panel member of different National Research Foundation Programmes (South Africa), Vice President, South Africa

Judy Stephenson

Dr. Judy Stephenson Researcher and data manager 031 260 1165 PhD MSc BSc (Honours) Physics Westville Campus Dr Judy Stephenson is a member of the Sanae HF radar experiment team which is the South African part of the international group HF radar network known as SuperDARN. Her job entails research with the Sanae HF

Thomas Moyo

Prof Thomas Moyo Associate Professor 031 260 2173 PhD, BSc Physics Westville Campus Prof Moyo was a recipient of British Council, Matsumae Foundation and TWAS fellowships for training and research studies. He has at least 25 years of experience working as a researcher and as a university lecturer. He has published widely and successfully

Wendy Mdlalose

dr. Wendy Bonakele Mdlalose Lecturer 031 260 3028 BSc. Applied Physics, BSc. Honours (Physics), MSc (Physics), PhD (Physics) Physics Westville Campus My research focuses on the synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles that possess potential in medical and sensing applications. I started a lecturer career as a tutor in the Access program, which helps students from previously disadvantaged schools (from 2006-2016) after spending six months as

Marco Mariola

Dr. Marco Mariola Researcher and Senior Lecturer 031 260 7006 PhD, MSc Eng, BSc Eng Physics and Engineering Westville Campus Dr Marco Mariola is a researcher in the area of quantum cryptography in free space at the quantum research group headed by Prof F Petruccione. He holds an MScEng at University of La Sapienza

Thomas Konrad

Prof Thomas Konrad Associate Professor and Academic Leader: Physics – Westville 031 2607911 PhD, MSc, Diploma of Imperial College, Dipl.Phys Physics Westville Campus Prof Konrad studied Physics and Philosophy in Tübingen, London, Rome and Konstanz. He is the academic leader of the physics cluster in Durban and pioneers research in quantum monitoring as well

Yaseera Ismail

Dr. Yaseera Ismail Lecturer 031 260 7905 PhD (Physics),MSc (Physics),BSc Physics Westville Campus Dr Yaseera Ismail is an experimentalist working on the advancement of quantum technology. I am a 2016 United States TechWomen Emerging leader, a 2018 Optical Society of America Ambassador and an Optical Society of America Non-Linear Optics technical group executive committee

Vincent Couling

Dr Vincent Couling Senior Lecturer 033 260 5237 PhD Physics Pietermaritzburg Campus Dr Couling has a PhD in experimental and computational molecular optics. His research interests lie in the measurement and calculation of the fundamental optical, electric and magnetic properties of molecules, as well as in the measurement and modelling of molecular interaction effects.

Clinton Veale

Dr. Clinton Veale Senior Lecturer 033 260 6365 PhD(Chemistry), MSc (Medicinal and Biological Chemistry), Bachelor of Pharmac Chemistry Westville Campus Through collaborative, multidisciplinary projects, Dr Veale’s groups focusses on identifying bioactive compounds which disrupt key biological interactions. In this regard his group have a special interest in disrupting Protein-Protein Interactions, and developing new hit