Manfred Hellberg

Prof. Manfred A Hellberg Emeritus Professor of Physics and Senior Research Associate 031 260 2860 PhD, BSc (Honours) Physics Westville Campus From 1965 to 2003, Dr Hellberg has occupied various roles at UKZN including: Lecturer, Senior Professor, Dean, ProVice-Chancellor and DVC. He’s been a fellow at the UK Institute of Physics, the Royal Society of

Arthur Hughes

Prof. Arthur Hughes Professor Emeritus +44 114 2307942 BA (mod), MA., MSc Trinity College Dublin, PhD Sheffield University, FRAS Physics HowardCollege or Westville Campus Director of AMIGO Antarctic programme 1992-2010  National Committees: COSPAR (Chair), SCOSTEP (Chair), IAGA, IAU  International Committees: COSPAR Finance Committee  University: Astronomical Society (Chair and Founder), Forum (Chair), Senate  Research Collaborations:

John Hey

Prof. John Douglas Hey Emeritus Professor (+1)403-202-8748; B.Sc.(Stell.), B.Sc.Hons(UCT), M.Sc.(UCT), Ph.D.(Maryland) Physics Westville Campus Lecturer/Senior Lecturer UCT (1974-1990), Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow (Ruhr University, 1988-1989), Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter (Forschungszentrum Juelich, 1991-1995), Professor of Physics NU/UKZN (1995-2009),  Emeritus Professor (2010). Publication on: Atomic processes in plasmas, astrophysical radio recombination lines, mathematical methods, light scattering, optical diffraction, Stark broadening, Zeeman spectroscopy of fusion plasmas, quantum mechanics. Scientific Societies: American Phys. Soc. (1974), British

Trevor Letcher

Prof. Trevor letcher EMERITUS PROFESSOR PhD, MSc. BSc(Hons), BSc, BEd, FRSC,FSACI Chemistry Westville Campus Published over 300 papers in peer review journals in the area of chemical thermodynamics, Director of the International Association of Chemical Thermodynamics, Published 26 edited books on CLIMATE CHANGE, FUTURE ENERGY, WASTE, PLASTIC WASTE, TYRE WASTE . Recipient of SACI Gold Medal,

Thomas Ford

PROF. Thomas Anthony Ford Emeritus Professor 031 563 1029 BScHons (Wales), MSc (Wales), PhD (Dalhousie) Chemistry Westville Campus   Taught at the University of the Witwatersrand (1970 – 1991), University of Natal and University of KwaZulu-Natal (1992 – 2006). Trained as a molecular spectroscopist and later moved over into computational chemistry. Interested in the properties of small

Krish Bharuth-Ram

Mrs. Kristy-Lyn Barry Senior Tutor 033 260 6958 MSc (Chemistry), BSc (Honours) Chemistry Pietermaritzburg Campus Mrs Barry graduated her BSc Summa Cum Laude and her BSc Honours and MSc Cum Laude. Upon being employed at UKZN Mrs Barry pioneered the augmented programme on the Pietermaritzburg campus teaching disadvantaged students first year chemistry. She has

Sivakumar Venkataraman

Prof. Sivakumar Venkataraman Professor 031 260 7661 PhD Physics Westville Campus Full Professor in Physics (Specialized in Atmospheric and Space Science), Chair of National AstroPhysics and Space Science Programme (NASSP) – South Africa, Programme Director of NASSP – UKZN, Executive Panel member of different National Research Foundation Programmes (South Africa), Vice President, South Africa

Aniekan Ukpong

Dr. Aniekan Magnus Ukpong Senior Professor 033 260 5875 PhD, MTech, BSc Hons Physics Pietermaritzburg Campus Dr Ukpong is a Senior Lecturer and Principal Investigator in Theoretical and Computational Condensed Matter and Materials Physics. He holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Cape Town. He has completed two postdoctoral fellowships: one in

Judy Stephenson

Dr. Judy Stephenson Researcher and data manager 031 260 1165 PhD MSc BSc (Honours) Physics Westville Campus Dr Judy Stephenson is a member of the Sanae HF radar experiment team which is the South African part of the international group HF radar network known as SuperDARN. Her job entails research with the Sanae HF

Ilya Sinayskiy

Dr. Ilya Sinayskiy Senior Lecturer 031 260 8133 Candidate of Science Degree (PhD), (presented Oct 2006, approved Jan 2007) Diploma in Physics Physics Westville Campus Dr Sinayskiy graduated in 2003 from the Samara State University (Russian Federation) where he also received his PhD (candidate of science in physics and mathematics) in 2006. Starting in 2008,