School of Chemistry & Physics

Dr Clinton Veale

Senior Lecturer

Through collaborative, multidisciplinary projects, Dr Veale’s groups focusses on identifying bioactive compounds which disrupt key biological interactions. In this regard his group have a special interest in disrupting Protein-Protein Interactions, and developing new hit identification platforms. Dr Veale is currently a Royal Society- African Academy of Sciences FLAIR Research Fellow

Research interests

  • Medicinal Chemistry 
  • Drug Discovery 
  • Biophysical Chemistry

Research profiles

Research overview

Dr Veale’s cross-disciplinary group focuses on the application and development of synthetic organic and biophysical chemistry methods for the design of biologically active compounds, with a particular interest in the inhibition of ‘difficult to drug’ protein-protein interactions (PPIs), as well as the exploitation of proteosomal mediated degradation as a therapeutic strategy

Current projects

Through support from the SAMRC, NRF and the Royal Society FLAIR programme, Dr Veale’s group is interested in developing new biophysical platforms for the inhibition and degradation of the HOP-HSP90 PPI, with a view to expanding these to platforms to interrogate new difficult to drug pathways

Associations/ Affiliations

Royal Society – African Academy of Sciences FLAIR research Fellow


  • Prof. Adrienne Edkins (Rhodes)
  • Prof Alvaro Viljoen (TUT)
  • Dr. David Clarke (Edinburgh)
  • Prof. Henirich Hoppe (Rhodes)