School of Chemistry & Physics

Dr Marco Mariola

Researcher and Senior Lecturer

Dr Marco Mariola is a researcher in the area of quantum cryptography in free space at the quantum research group headed by Prof F Petruccione. He holds an MScEng at University of La Sapienza of Rome and the PhD in Physics at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. 
He contributes to developing tracking and synchronisation system for quantum cryptography, and instruments low-cost for schools and universities. Dr Mariola lectured in engineering and physics disciplines since 2012.

Research interests

  • Physics
  • Engineering

Research profiles

Research overview

Quantum cryptography in free-space requires tracking systems able to align transmitter and receiver indirection and polarisation. Dr M Mariola investigates and design tracking and synchronisation system for quantum cryptography. Another field of research and development consists of the design of ad-hoc scientific instruments.

Current projects

At the moment the research involves an integrated tracking and synchronisation systems for free-space quantum cryptography, and the design of low-cost laboratory tools, for school and universities.


Tracking system algorithm

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