School of Chemistry & Physics

Ms Nabeelah Abdul graduated with her BSc Honours in Chemistry with the support of her family.

A Shining Star – Nabeelah Abdul

Ms Nabeelah Abdul’s dream of being a shining star and achieving results that were above average, came true when she graduated cum laude with Honours in Chemistry.

For someone who did not take Chemistry or Physics as high school subjects, Abdul is an inspiration to anybody that hopes to achieve the extraordinary. Her enquiring mind and the thrill of being able to obtain successful results at the end of an experiment that could make a commendable contribution to the scientific field is what compelled Abdul to pursue a degree in Chemistry.

Abdul, who loves pancakes and discovering her creative side in her free time, aspires towards obtaining an internship in a pharmaceutical laboratory and pursuing her studies in research in medical technology.

She attributed her successes to her parents and thanked them for their encouraging words and motivational support throughout her studies.

Abdul said it was her mom’s motivational words that spurred her on during tough times when she felt like quitting. ‘You are my special one and only daughter. I tried hard to please you with everything of the best. Unfortunately, knowledge gained had to come from you, yourself.’

‘Working hard and achieving success is mentioned to one often during the course of their studies but no one guides you on how to attain it. Everyone is different in their own unique way, so being able to find the knack of achieving success can only be found by yourself and never give up on trying to find it,’ was Abdul’s advice to undergraduate students.

Words: Swastika Maney