School of Chemistry & Physics

Green Energy Advocate Masters Physics Course

After having completed his honours degree at UKZN and being impressed by the world-class research supervisors available, Mr Jashan Naicker decided it would be best for his future career prospects if he pursued an MSc in Physics degree at the University… and the rest is now history.

Naicker’s master’s research focused on electromagnetism and electrodynamics with his aim being  to develop a power supply unit sourced by waste magnetic field energy, as he is very aware of the demand for sustainable green electrical energy.

After investigating electrical engineering concepts involving power generation, he focused his attention on a specific transformer device known as a current transformer.

Using the results of his research, Naicker designed and simulated a uniquely shaped current transformer that showed an improvement in performance efficiency compared to that of standard current transformer designs. In order to test its performance, he used a wireless power transfer technique which allowed him to draw a usable electric current from waste electromagnetic field energy that is present around a current carrying conductor.

‘This type of sustainable green energy is currently not being made use of, thus Jashan’s research is of great significance as there is an overall environmental aim to lower the country’s carbon footprint and eliminate coal fired power stations,’ said his supervisor, Professor Naven Chetty.

‘As scientists and engineers are continuously trying to find ways of improving the necessary technology, Jashan’s current transformer concept application is aimed at potentially allowing further research in improving the efficiency of existing current transformer applications and technologies.’

Naicker attributed his academic success to Chetty, his loving parents and siblings, and his supportive friends.

He hopes to land a job in line with his energy saving research, but is also open to the idea of pursuing a PhD.

Words: Nicole Chidzawo 

Photograph: Supplied