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Professor Genene Tessema Mola.

UKZN Physicist Professor Genene Mola Receives International Recognition

Professor Genene Tessema Mola, a physicist at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) in South Africa, has been awarded prestigious recognition by the International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM). The IAAM honored Professor Mola with the IAAM Award in acknowledgment of his significant contributions to the field of Polymer Solar Cells.

This recognition was accompanied by the opportunity for Professor Mola to deliver a lecture at the 56th Assembly of Advanced Materials Congress held from 23-26 September 2023 in Southampton, United Kingdom. His lecture titled ‘Plasmon Metal Nanoparticles as a Mechanism to Suppress Energy Loss in Polymer Solar Cell’ was a notable contribution to the congress, showcasing his innovative research and insights.

Reflecting on the honour, Professor Mola expressed his gratitude, stating: ‘The honorary award that I received from the International Association of Advanced Materials is very important to me as a researcher in the field. It helps me to understand that my work has attracted the attention of both local and international researchers. Moreover, this recognition motivates me to put more effort into research to understand nature and contribute to science that helps change the lifestyle of society.’

As Professor Mola continues his research endeavors at UKZN, his international recognition serves as a testament to the University’s commitment to excellence in scientific inquiry and its contributions to the global scientific community.

Through his continued efforts, Professor Mola is poised to further advance our understanding of materials science and pave the way for transformative technologies that benefit society as a whole.