School of Chemistry & Physics

Dr Roshila Moodley


Roshila Moodley is a lecturer in the school of chemistry and physics

Research profiles

Research overview

Dr Moodley’s research endeavours focus primarily on indigenous medicinal plant species found in South Africa, and lies at the interface of natural products, nanotechnology and analytical chemistry. Her research goals are:

  • to identify potential nutraceuticals from South African plant species in response to food and nutrition insecurity in the country
  • to identify active biomolecules in medicinal plants as structural leads for new drug candidates and
  • to find solutions using green nanotechnology-based materials to overcome health-related issues.

Current projects

The therapeutic potential of bioflavonoids and novel phytocompounds, and/or their nanoemulsions using a multiple molecular targeting approach for the development of phytopharmaceuticals. The projects will focus on:

  • Their cytotoxicity, efficacy and mechanisms of action on selected cancer cell lines using individual and combination therapy.
  • Their in vitro an in vivo angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitory potential on AVP-induced pre-eclamptic Sprague Dawley rats, for evaluation of nephroprotective effects.


  • Dr B Mshengu (UKZN)
  • Prof E Unuabonah (Redeemer’s University, Nigeria)
  • Prof FN Mudau (UKZN)
  • Prof G Prinsloo (UNISA)
  • Prof H Baijnath (UKZN)
  • Dr H Chenia (UKZN)
  • Prof I Mackraj (UKZN)
  • Dr J Kiplimo (University of Kabianga, Kenya)
  • Prof J Moodley (UKZN)
  • Dr M Shozi (UKZN)
  • Prof N Deenadayalu (DUT)
  • Dr N Govender (DUT)
  • Prof O Azu (University of Namibia)
  • Dr O Olajide (University of Abuja, Nigeria)
  • Prof P Reddy (DUT)
  • Dr R Govinden (UKZN)
  • Dr R Myburg (UKZN)
  • Prof S Baijnath (UKZN)
  • Prof SB Jonnalagadda (UKZN)
  • Prof T Govender (UKZN)
  • Prof T Naicker (UKZN)
  • Prof Y Naidoo (UKZN)