School of Chemistry & Physics

Prof Sreekantha Jonnalagadda

Senior Professor

Prof Jonnalagadda is currently Senior Professor of Chemistry at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, since 2005. He received his BSc from the Andhra University and MSc and PhD in Chemistry from the Vikram University, Ujjain, India. After working as a Research Associate in Germany, and as faculty at University of Nairobi and University of Zimbabwe, he joined the University of Durban-Westville in 1995, as professor of Physical Chemistry. 
Professor Jonnalagadda is an elected Fellow of the University of KwaZulu-Natal (2012); South African Chemical Institute (2014); African Academy of Sciences (2015) and A.P. Academy of Sciences, India (2017). 
He published 385+ research papers and review articles in many reputed and high-impact journals. Participated in about 150 research conferences as plenary or invited speaker in over 45 different countries. He is always among the top 30 researchers of UKZN and was top researcher in 2017. His research interests include Green chemistry, Value added conversions, Water treatment and Heterogeneous Catalysis. 

Research interests

  • Materials and applied catalysis
  • Water chemistry
  • Environmental analytical chemistry
  • Green chemistry/ Value added conversions

Research profiles

Research overview

1. Heterogeneous Catalysis and applications: The main focus of the research is to develop novel recyclable catalyst materials for competitive technologies to reap fiscal benefits, which includes the Advanced Oxidation processes (AOP), Catalysed Ozonation Processes (COP) synthesis Value Added Products (VAP), Oxidative dechlorination and mineralization of polychlorinated organics, disinfection and treatment of drinking and wastewater, and for industrial bleaching processes. Objectives include the synthesis of new catalyst materials, diverse supported catalysts, hydroxyapatites, hydrotalcite like compounds, mixed and loaded metal oxides, modified zeolites and mesoporous materials and nanomaterials and to study the shape selectivity towards the conversion to useful starting materials for synthesis. 2. Environmental Analytical Chemistry: (+ Dr. R. Moodley): With focus on the elemental uptake by edible species (fruits and vegetation), impact of soil quality, and dietary intake of Prof. Jonnalagadda’ group has concluded number of studies and actively involved in various projects.

Current projects

Recently concluded and current projects: Studies on ozone initiated degradation of bromine containing organic pollutants and bromate formation control Synthesis and characterization of novel zirconia supported metal oxide nanocomposites. Photo degradation of polychlorinated hydrocarbons Studies on Ozone and chlorine dioxide facilitated microbial disinfection. Microwave assisted synthesis of substituted quinolines and pyridine derivatives Synthesis of poly-functionalized-pyrans and chromene derivatives under ultrasound irradiation Elemental distribution and uptake various indigenous fruits and figs as function of soil quality. Studies on elemental distribution in edible types of wild mushrooms Elemental distribution in various edible seaweeds as function of location and season along KwaZulu-Natal coast of Indian Ocean.

Associations/ Affiliations

  • Fellow South African Chemical Institute.
  • Fellow African Academy of Sciences.
  • Fellow Andhra Pradesh Science Academy.