School of Chemistry & Physics


Dean & Head of School

Prof Ross Robinson

Professor Ross Robinson currently occupies the position of Dean and Head of School for the School of Chemistry & Physics. 

His research interest lies in Synthetic Chemistry, where his research group is studying the synthesis of medicinal compounds directed towards their application as potential agents in “Boron Neutron Capture Therapy”.

Prof Robinson is also currently a member of the South African Chemical Institute and the Royal Society of Chemistry.

PA/Secretary: Ms Kerry Ann Jordaan  |  033 260 6223  |

Aniekan Ukpong Physics – 260 5875Pietermaritzburg Campus
Brenda MoodleyTeaching and 260 2796Westville Campus
Bernard 260 7323Westville Campus
Holger FriedrichSynthetic 260 3107Westville Campus
Matthew AkermanChemistry – 260 5293Pietermaritzburg Campus
Thomas Konrad Physics – 260 7911Westville Campus
Vincent Nyamori Physical & Analytical Chemistry – 260 8256Westville Campus
Management Staff
Hashim DesaiManager: School Technical 260 5241Pietermaritzburg Campus
Usha BellbhudderManager: School Technical Operations 260 1095Westville Campus
Veryl MackroryManager: School 260 5667Pietermaritzburg Campus
Yvonne GengiahPrincipal Admin Officer and Manager: School Operations (Acting) 260 3103Westville Campus
Abdul 260 7100Westville Campus
Ajay 260 7012Westville Campus
Allen 260 5272Pietermaritzburg Campus
Bernard 260 7323Westville Campus
Bheki 260 5325Pietermaritzburg Campus
Bhekumuzi 260 1314Pietermaritzburg Campus
Bice 260 1394Westville Campus
Brenda 260 2796Westville Campus
Clinton 260 6365Pietermaritzburg Campus
Desigan 260 5324Pietermaritzburg Campus
Fanie Van 260 5886Pietermaritzburg Campus
Fernando Albericio 260 3097Westville Campus
Funanani 260 2976Westville Campus
Gillian DawsonChemistry 031 260 3193Westville Campus
Glenn 260 1113Westville Campus
Hogantharanni 260 7378Westville Campus
Holger 260 3107Westville Campus
Irvin 260 6205Pietermaritzburg Campus
Karin 260 7660Westville Campus
Kristy-Lyn 260 6958Pietermaritzburg Campus
Matshawandile 260 8756Westville Campus
Matthew 260 5293Pietermaritzburg Campus
Muhammad 260 2616Westville Campus
Muvhango 260 6104Pietermaritzburg Campus
Mzamo 260 3105Westville Campus
Neil 260 3189Westville Campus
Olatunde 260 7323Westville Campus
Parvesh 260 2181Westville Campus
Peter 260 5658Pietermaritzburg Campus
Phindile 260 8756Westville Campus
Precious 260 5238Pietermaritzburg Campus
Roshila 260 8127Westville Campus
Ross 260 6363Pietermaritzburg Campus
Siphamandla 033 260 5200 Westville Campus
Sooboo 260 7017Westville Campus
Sreekantha 260 7235Westville Campus
Stephen 260 5239Pietermaritzburg Campus
Thishana 260 1395Westville Campus
Tshephiso 260 5270Pietermaritzburg Campus
Vincent 260 8256Westville Campus
Vineet 260 5327Pietermaritzburg Campus
Vinodhani 260 8311Westville Campus
Werner Van 260 3188Westville Campus
Alan 260 1330Westville Campus
Aniekan 260 5875Pietermaritzburg Campus
Colani 260 6563Pietermaritzburg Campus
Francesco 260 2770Westville Campus
Genene 260 5350Pietermaritzburg Campus
Judy 260 1165Westville Campus
Ilya 260 8133Westville Campus
Marco 260 7006Westville Campus
Matthew 260 5463Pietermaritzburg Campus
Mervlyn 260 1355Westville Campus
Naven 260 5660Pietermaritzburg Campus
Nkosinathi 260 5689Pietermaritzburg Campus
Sibusiso 260 5351Pietermaritzburg Campus
Sivakumar 260 7661Westville Campus
Thomas 2607911Westville Campus
Thomas 260 2173Westville Campus
Vincent 260 5237  Pietermaritzburg Campus
Wendy 260 3028Westville Campus
Yaseera 260 7905Westville Campus
Yin-Zhe 260 2777Westville Campus
Howard College
Assistant Admin 260 2350Howard College Campus
Pietermaritzburg campus
Jayshree SinghAdmin Officer: School 260 5451Pietermaritzburg Campus
Kerry JordaanAdmin 260 6223Block G18, Pietermaritzburg Campus
Nonhlanhla MbheleAssistant Admin 260 5326Suite 1, Frank Bush, Pietermaritzburg Campus
Sheila WarrenAssistant Admin 260 5329Suite P1, Suite P1, Pietermaritzburg Campus
Veryl MackroryManager: School 260 5667 / 031 260 7992Pietermaritzburg Campus
Westville campus
Clementine DlaminiAdmin 260 2775Westville Campus
Neetu RamaAssistant Admin Officer: Teach/Res/Gen (Chem & Phys) 260 7663Westville Campus
Renee NaidooAdmin 360 3090Westville Campus
Shadrack SehotoAdmin Officer: School 260 2109Westville Campus
Samantha NaidooAssistant Admin 260 3109Westville Campus
Thandeka MaphumuloAdmin Officer: School 031 260 3106Room 028, Third floor, H-Block, Westville Campus
Yvonne GengiahPrincipal Admin 260 3103Block H, Westville Campus
Howard College campus
Doctor MbenseAssistant Technician (Physics) 260 1359Howard College Campus
Henry PhewaTechnical Assistant (Chemistry) 260 3182Howard College Campus
June WatsonSenior Technician (Physics) 260 1359Howard College Campus
Mncedisi NcaneTechnician (Chemistry) 260 3182Howard College Campus
Ntokozo NgcoboTechnical Assistant (Chemistry) 260 1016Howard College Campus
Vinay SarupSenior Technician (Chemistry) 260 1016Howard College Campus
Pietermaritzburg campus
Ayanda Mqadi Technical Assistant (Chemistry) 260 5545Pietermaritzburg Campus
Ayanda 260 5060Pietermaritzburg Campus
Banzi SikwekweTechnician, Glassblower (Trainee) 260 5247Pietermaritzburg Campus
Caryl  Janse Van RensburgSenior Technician (Chemistry) 260 5722Pietermaritzburg Campus
Clarence MortlockSenior Technician, 260 5247Pietermaritzburg Campus
Craig GrimmerTechnical Officer (Chemistry) 260 5984/ 6345Pietermaritzburg Campus
Cyprian MthembuSenior Technician (Physics) 260 5352Pietermaritzburg Campus
Fayzil ShaikTechnical Assistant (Chemistry) 260 5236Pietermaritzburg Campus
Hashim DesaiManager: Technical Operations (Chemistry & Physics) 260 5241Pietermaritzburg Campus
Hlengiwe DlaminiTechnical Assistant (Chemistry) 260 6149Pietermaritzburg Campus
Lawrence HlatshwayoSenior 260 5921Pietermaritzburg Campus
Leigh HunterSenior Technician (Chemistry) 260 5545Pietermaritzburg Campus
Mbekiseni BhenguWorkshop Assistant, 260 5933Pietermaritzburg Campus
Mbuso CeleManager: Technical Operations, 260 5513Pietermaritzburg Campus
Mbuyiselwa MbeleTechnical Assistant (Chemistry) 260 5905Pietermaritzburg Campus
Nonkqubela NgcingwanaSenior Technician (Chemistry) 260 5905Pietermaritzburg Campus
Ntando NgwenyaTechnical Assistant (Physics) 260 5744Pietermaritzburg Campus
Prudence LubanyanaSenior Technician (Chemistry) 260 6149Pietermaritzburg Campus
Ravin SivramanTechnician (Physics) 260 5744Pietermaritzburg Campus
Sabelo DubeMechanical Technical 260 6136Pietermaritzburg Campus
Saideshnee NaidooSenior Technician (Chemistry) 260 5236Pietermaritzburg Campus
Shawn Ball Stores Administrator (Chemistry) 260 5906Pietermaritzburg Campus
Sithabiso NgubanePrincipal 260 5903Pietermaritzburg Campus
Sibusiso MabizelaMechanical Technician (Trainee) 033 260 5133Pietermaritzburg Campus
Technical Assistant (Chemistry) 260 5060Pietermaritzburg Campus
Westville campus
Bonginkosi BloseTechnical Assistant (Chemistry) 260 7178Westville Campus
Brian NdlovuSenior Technician (Chemistry) 260 1093Westville Campus
Denise  BroomheadTechnician (Chemistry) 260 7861Westville Campus
Fikile GumedeTechnical Assistant (Chemistry) 260 7063 / 7377Westville Campus
Frank NgwaneTechnician: Building 260 1499Westville Campus
Gregory MoodleyTechnician: Stores (Chemistry) 260 1028Westville Campus
Assistant Technician (Physics) 260 1358Westville Campus
Mehawalal SomaruSenior Technician (Chemistry) 260 7377Westville Campus
Nobuhle HadebeTechnical Assistant (Chemistry) 260 2782Westville Campus
Nokwethemba Thabezhe Senior Technician (Physics) 260 1358Westville Campus
Nelisiwe BiyelaTechnician (Chemistry) 260 2782Westville Campus
Nomkhosi DzanibeSenior Technician (Chemistry) 260  7861Westville Campus
Thiloshini  NaidooPrincipal Technician (Chemistry) 260 2171Westville Campus
Prashant  NundkumarAssistant Technician (Chemistry) 260 1499Westville Campus
Sebenzile NxumaloTechnical Assistant (Chemistry) 260 2782Westville Campus
Sbongiseni  SishiTechnical Assistant (Chemistry) 260 1093Westville Campus
Suresh SoodeyalTechnical Assistant (Chemistry) 260 1028Westville Campus
Sizwe ZamisaPrincipal Technician, X-Ray &  Instrumentation (Chemistry) 260 8024Westville Campus
Technician (Physics) 260 7416Westville Campus
Thiloshini  NaidooPrincipal Technician (Chemistry) 260 2171Westville Campus
Usha BellbhudderManager: Technical 260 1095Westville Campus
Unathi BongozaSenior Technician: INSTR & IT (Chemistry) 260 2171Westville Campus
Vuyisa MzozoyanaPrincipal Technician: NMR (Chemistry) 260 7000Westville Campus
Ziningi 260 7178Westville Campus
Westville campus
Arthur 114 230 7942Westville Campus / Howard College Campus
John 202 8748Westville Campus
Krish Bharuth-Ram 260 6958Pietermaritzburg Campus
Manfred 260 2860Westville Campus
Thomas 563 1029Westville Campus
Trevor Westville Campus