School of Chemistry & Physics

Prof Thomas Moyo

Associate Professor

Prof Moyo was a recipient of British Council, Matsumae Foundation and TWAS fellowships for training and research studies. He has at least 25 years of experience working as a researcher and as a university lecturer. He has published widely and successfully supervised several PhD and MSc students in the area of Experimental Condensed Matter Physics with specialization in magnetic properties of materials. 

The research work has involved the syntheses and studies of novel materials over a wide range of sizes (from bulk to nanomaterials) and temperature in mixed ferrites, rare earth and intermetallic metal-substituted compounds synthesized by wet chemistry, high energy ball milling, solid-state reaction and arc melting methods.

Research interests


Some recently published works include voltammetry studies with modified electrode sensors using magnetic nanoparticles, studies of nanocomposite materials for gas sensing applications, exchange bias effects in nanomaterial oxides and high magnetocaloric effect materials for refrigeration. Existing facilities to support the research include a stirred pressure reactor, Retsch MP 400 high energy planetary ball mill and MAM 1 mini arc-melting facility for syntheses of nanoferrites and intermetallic compounds. In addition, for magnetic and electrical characterizations, 57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy, vibrating sample magnetometer, Mini Cryogen Free Measurement System for magnetization measurements and a Jandel resistivity measuring system by two- and four probe methods are also available.


Research profiles


MAM 1 mini arc-melting facility for the production of intermetallic alloys

Lakeshore vibrating sample magnetometer

Mini Cryogen Free Measurement System